• Shopping comparison in NZ, AU and Asia.

    PriceMe is a leading shopping comparison engine in Australasia. For consumers, we provide free pricing and product comparison information. For retailers, we provide quality traffic and help reach shoppers at their critical product selection and purchasing decision- making time.


  • Pricing Software for eCommerce

    Pricing and market intelligence for retailers and brands.

    Price monitoring

    Track any competitor and page.

    Add products and competitor URLs that you want to monitor. Receive daily pricing reports. Configure email alerts when prices change.


    How competitive is your pricing?

    Specify your competitiveness and track how you stack up against the competition in terms of pricing.

    Dynamic repricing

    Optimise your profit by repricing products.

    Optimise your profit by automated repricing based pricing rules. We offer easy integration with major shopping carts like Shopify and Magento.

  • Markets

    PriceMe covers the largest eCommerce markets in South-East Asia as well as New Zealand and Australia.

    PriceMe markets.

    We provide shopping comparison services in these markets:

  • Stats & Figures

    Large and active user community.

    1.3 Million

    Shoppers reached per month

    $240 Million

    Value of referrred products

    9 min

    Average user session

    7.5 Million

    Page views per month

  • What We Do

    We connect shoppers that are likely to buy with retailers.

    Search product

    1. Search

    Find the right product

    Search from more than 1 million offers.

    Compare products and retailers.

    2. Compare

    Find the right retailer

    Compare offers from thousands of trusted retailers.

    Buy product

    3. Buy

    Buy with confidence

    Click through to retailer's website and buy.

  • Commercial Model

    Our model is transparent and cost-effective

    • PPC (Pay Per Click)

    The pay-for-performance model ensures that retailer partners only pay a PPC cost for each visit. PPC is the pre-determined amount retailers pay for each new sales lead PriceMe generates.

    That's it! So why not list your products and start driving quality leads to your store directly?

    • No set-up and maintenance cost

    We help you list your products at no cost and the PriceMe admin team ensures that your products are displayed correctly.

    • No contract

    Pause and terminate your campaign at any time. You're in charge of your listing and there's no contract.

    • Competitive pricing

    We offer high-quality leads at competitive rates.

  • Benefits

    Key benefits of listing on PriceMe

    Tareted traffic

    Receive more targeted traffic

    One of the biggest challenges in e-Commerce is driving quality traffic to your site. Consumers clicking through to PriceMe's partner retailer's stores are well-informed and are often ready to buy.

    High ROI

    Higher conversions and ROI

    PriceMe referrals often have higher conversion rates than other online marketing channels. This is due to the time a PriceMe visitor spends searching for product information (around 9 mins on average) before clicking through to a retailer's online store.

    brand building

    Brand building

    Partner retailers enjoy increased exposure by displaying their company logo for each product listing. Partner retailers also have the opportunity to display a sales caption or promotional message next to their logo. Associating your brand and products with a trusted shopping site like PriceMe is a great way to build consumer recognition and confidence for your brand.

    Better Reporting

    Using PriceMe's Merchant Portal, retailers can gain insight into the competitive landscape and understand the performance of their campaign on a summary, category, or even product level. Analysing campaign elements such as clicks, traffic share, positioning and cost, all helps partner retailer's see how they can measure their sales leads using PriceMe.

  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions

    What is PriceMe?

    Our goal is to bring qualified buyers who are looking for products to buy and match them up with our retailer partners who sell those products. For retailer partners, PriceMe is a pay-for-performance comparison shopping engine. We provide comprehensive price and product comparison and a clean, uncluttered interface which allows consumers to do what they came to do: compare and buy.

    How do I submit my products?

    After a retailer has signed up and accepted the T&Cs, the product data can be submitted using a data feed. PriceMe can also crawl your store for a small fee in case you prefer this option.


    Once you have created a feed and have provided us with the URL indicating where it is located PriceMe can start scanning your feed. A bot reads the data in your feed and PriceMe imports and maps your products into their respective categories on the site. We rescan your feed daily to update any changes you may have made.

    Where can I find more information?

    The knowledge base portal provides more information about listing your products on PriceMe.

  • List Your Products

    It's free to sign-up.

  • Contact Us

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